Tent Crusades
By 1950, three more tents were ordered for the crusades. The size of all the tent space totaled 81,700 square feet. The largest tent held 7,500 people. This large tent was destroyed by a windstorm by the end of the year and two larger and safer tents were ordered. These tents would seat 10,000 and 3,000 people. Crowds continued to grow, and by 1952 a new tent seating 12,500 was purchased.

In 1952, God told Oral:

You are to win one million souls during the next 36 months.

Oral called his first World Outreach Conference, and with his partner’s faithful support won the first million souls within 30 months.

In 1953, Oral began overseas outreach and at the beginning of 1954, launched a weekly television program, Your Faith Is Power. Also, Oral began filming the crusades so that everyone could see the miracles for themselves.

As Oral traveled around the world in 1956, God spoke again, telling Oral that He would use him as an instrument to save ten million souls in ten years. The plan God gave Oral to win the 10 million souls was: crusades, overseas ministry, radio and television, Hebrew Bibles, North American Indians, The Abundant Life Prayer Group, and literature.

In the late 1950s, Oral would often stop his car in front of a farm at 81st and Lewis in South Tulsa. He and Evelyn and their family would all join hands and pray that God would hold onto that piece of property until Oral could find a way to build Him a university.